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Let's See, Touch and Feel the Mysterious Natural World!!

<1> Anchovy

School of anchovy swimming in a circular aquarium... It's like shining illumination.

<2> Pool for Sub-Antarctic Penguins

Come to see us! We're swimming like flying in the sky in the large aquarium with 4m depth and 200t water

<3> Multi-Purpose Room

A variety of events are held here such like the Special Exhibition three times a year.

<4> Nagasaki's Aquarium

The sea in Nagasaki is very rich in diversity. You can look into it here closely!

<5> Store Window Aquarium

You can see beautiful actiniae, anemonefish etc in these aquariums like store windows.

<6> Jellyfish

Let's look into the lucent body!

<7> Zoom-in Aquarium

You can operate a camera with a magnifying lens to watch small species living around surf zone.

<8> Fish Exhibition

Do you know a goggle-eyed goby and limulus?
Fish living around coral reef are here too.

<9> Sub-Antarctic Penguins

You can see four types of penguins living in the subantarctic islands. Their behavior is very humorous!

<10> Mekong Giant Catfish

You can see Mekong Giant Catfish, one of the world-biggest freshwater fish living in the Mekong River.

<11> Viewing Terrace

There is calm Tachibana Bay before our eyes. You can find Shimabara Peninsula and Amakusa too.
Once you go out to the outside terrace, it's the inside of the house of temperate penguins.

<12> Penguin Information Room

If you wish to be a master of penguin, you should come here where marvelous data is stored.

<13> Virtual Theater

One of the nation's largest screen will enable you to feel the reality, and to have your-drawn-fish swim.

<14> Small Penguin

You can see the world smallest penguins from Australia.

<15> Penguin Goods Gallery

The first gallery in Japan with penguin goods having a variety of looks. At present, you can enjoy "Nagai Collection" of penguins collected for years at many countries by Mr. Kenzo Nagai living in Hyogo Pref.

<16> Temperate Penguins

Let's look on three types of penguins living in warm area.

<17> Touch-Pool

You can touch surf-zone species like starfish, hermit crab and sea urchin.

<18> Penguin Shop

Many many penguin items here!
Please have a bite of delicious Penguin Pancake!

<19> Penguin Park

You can enjoy the very popular Penguin Parade, Touch-Penguin etc. There you'll hear and say "Cute!!".

<20> Cafeteria

Noodle, curry and set-menu are also prepared for you.